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Student Life

7th - 12th Grade

Hey there! Are you on google searching “youth group nearby in Hillsboro, Oregon?” or Just landed in town and already feeling the homebody blues? Tired of gaming solo and craving some real-world connections? It’s time to shake things up and make some new friends! Join us at Student Life at New Life Church! We’re all about good times, great company, and growing together. Come hang out with us on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM or Sundays at 11 AM right here at the Church. It’s totally free—just bring your awesome self. See you there!

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Join Student Life a Youth Group Nearby in Hillsboro Oregon!

Every Wednesday

Location: New Life Baptist Church

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

7th – 12th Grade


Location: New Life Baptist Church – Upstairs

Time: 11 am

7th – 12th Grade

Contact Info

Please email Kyle Predmore for more details!


  • Hang-out and Socialize
    • Laughing, Chatting, Bonding over shared experiences.
  • Pool Table
    • Players cueing balls on a felt table, focusing intently, as colored balls clack and pockets swallow shots.
  • Dodge Ball
    • Dodgeball is a team sport where players aim to hit opponents with balls while avoiding being hit themselves.
  • Foosball
    • Foosball is a table-top game where players manipulate rods with figures to score goals against opponents.
  • Air Hockey
    • Air hockey is a fast-paced game where players hit a puck on a cushion of air to score goals in opponent’s slot.
  • Carpet Ball
    • Carpetball is a game where players roll billiard balls on a carpeted table, aiming to knock off opponent’s balls.
  • 9 Square in the Air
    • 9 Square in the Air is a volleyball-inspired game where players aim to keep the ball in play within a grid of nine squares.
  • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport focusing on passing a frisbee to teammates across a field to score in an end zone.
  • Fruitbasket Turnover
    • Fruitbasket Turnover is a game where players swap chairs when their fruit name is called or during a general signal.
  • 4 Square
    • Four Square is a ball game played on a quadrant court where players bounce a ball to each other, aiming to ascend to the highest square.
  • Alimo
    • Alimo is a playful tag game where players avoid being tagged by the “it” person, using strategic movement and safe zones.
  • Sword and Shield
    • Sword and Shield is a strategic game where players use mock weapons to outmaneuver and “strike” opponents in competitive bouts.
  • Medicball
    • Medicball is a team dodgeball variant where players aim to hit opponents with balls while protecting their designated “medic.”
  • Pterodactyl
    • Pterodactyl is a party game where players must avoid showing their teeth while making others laugh, using quirky sounds and gestures.
  • Tsunami
    • Tsunami is a dynamic group game where players replicate waves with synchronized movements to “wash away” other participants.
  • The Power
    • “The Power” is a game where players strategize to eliminate others by guessing identities and using special abilities within a group.
  • Magic (Not the Card Game)
    • Magic is a competitive game where players perform tricks or illusions, challenging others to solve the methods behind them.
  • Bucket Ball
    • Bucket Ball is a game where players toss balls into opposing teams’ buckets to eliminate them, aiming to clear all targets.
  • 1 Goal Soccer
    • 1 Goal Soccer is a variant of soccer where teams compete to score in a single, central goal, emphasizing precision and teamwork.
  • Volleyball
    • Volleyball is a team sport where players hit a ball over a net, aiming to land it in the opponent’s court without it being returned.


  • Digital Discernment:
    • Learning to evaluate media content critically based on Christian values.
    • Understanding the difference between beneficial and harmful content.
  • Faith in Action:
    • Applying biblical principles to everyday situations.
    • Encouraging acts of kindness and community service as expressions of faith.
  • Building Strong Relationships:
    • Nurturing healthy, supportive relationships that reflect Christian love and respect.
    • Using social media positively to foster community and outreach.
  • Moral Integrity:
    • Upholding truth and integrity in all areas of life, including online interactions.
    • Resisting peer pressure and the temptation to conform to ungodly behaviors popularized by media.
  • Purposeful Living:
    • Understanding one’s purpose through God’s eyes and living out one’s faith intentionally.
    • Setting goals and priorities that align with Christian values.
  • Stewardship of Resources:
    • Using time, talents, and treasure responsibly and for God’s glory.
    • Managing technology and media consumption to enhance, not detract from, spiritual and personal growth.
  • Resilience Through Faith:
    • Strengthening personal faith to cope with challenges and adversities.
    • Learning to use biblical truths to navigate life’s ups and downs.
  • Witnessing in a Digital Age:
    • Sharing the Christian faith authentically and respectfully online.
    • Engaging in conversations on social media that reflect Christ’s teachings.
  • Cultural Awareness:
    • Understanding and responding to cultural trends and issues from a biblical perspective.
    • Promoting the gospel in a way that is relevant and sensitive to diverse audiences.
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth:
    • Deepening one’s relationship with Christ through prayer, worship, and Bible study.
    • Reflecting on personal media habits and their impact on spiritual life.


New Life Baptist Church is a small, community-centered church located in Hillsboro, Oregon. With a warm and welcoming congregation, the church strives to provide a safe and loving environment for individuals and families to come together in worship and fellowship.


Address: 3440 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: +15036484547


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