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New Life Kids

& Sunday Service Info

Worship Gatherings at New Life Baptist Church

Join us while we sing a blend of contemporary and traditional music that gives voice to our praise to God.

9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

  • Join us every Sunday at 9:30 & 11 AM for our uplifting sermons that nourish the soul and ignite the spirit.
  • Experience a warm and welcoming community as we gather to explore the depths of faith and its relevance in today’s world.
  • Our dedicated pastor crafts sermons that bridge ancient wisdom with modern insights, providing guidance for your life journey.
  • Discover messages of love, hope, and faith that resonate with people from all walks of life.
  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions and connect with fellow seekers on a shared path of spiritual growth.

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

(5 Years Old – 9 Years Old)

9:30 AM – Sunday School

  • Bring your kids 5-year-olds to 9-year-olds to our enriching Sunday School programs.
  • Experienced teachers create a nurturing environment where children can learn about faith through interactive lessons and activities.
  • Watch your child’s understanding of values and spirituality flourish in a safe and joyful setting.
  • Sunday School classes are tailored to different age groups, ensuring age-appropriate learning and engagement.
  • We believe in laying a strong foundation of faith from the earliest stages of life. Join us as we guide our children towards a meaningful connection with their spiritual journey.

Infants to High School Grade


11:00 AM – Sunday School

  • Bring your children, from infants to high schoolers to our engaging Sunday School sessions designed to nurture their spiritual growth.
  • Our dedicated teachers create a supportive environment where children can learn about faith through interactive lessons and meaningful activities.
  • Watch your child’s understanding of values and spirituality flourish in a safe and joyful setting.
  • With classes tailored to different age groups, we ensure that every child receives age-appropriate instruction and attention.
  • Join us in guiding the next generation toward a deeper connection with their faith journey from the earliest stages of life.

Early Arrival Treats w/ Donuts & Coffee

10:45 AM to 11:00 AM

  • Arrive a bit earlier and treat yourself to delicious doughnuts while connecting with fellow church members.
  • On select Sundays, witness the sacred rite of baptism as individuals publicly declare their faith in the presence of our congregation.
  • Experience a sense of unity and shared purpose as we support and celebrate these transformative moments together.

Join a Life Group!

Adult Life Groups 9:30 am Meets in the Church

Embark on a transformative journey! Join a Life Group at New Life Church where your love for God deepens, and friendships thrive. Become a vital part of our church family, embracing meaningful community, spiritual growth, and shared joy. Your next chapter awaits!


New Life Highlights

  • Stay informed about upcoming events, service opportunities, and community gatherings through our detailed bulletins.
  • Discover meaningful ways to engage with the church community, from study groups to outreach initiatives.
  • Access sermon notes, prayer requests, and resources that will enrich your spiritual journey throughout the week.

Get Your Kids Involved!

Join Awana Now!

A fun active based discipleship program that includes scripture memorization for kids 3 years (potty-trained) through 6th grade.

AWANA will begin Wednesday night, October 4th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m and will meet subsequent Wednesday nights during the school year.

Register for NLCS! 2024 – 2025

Register for the 2024/25 school year! The early registration deadline is March 1, 2024. The school year begins in September, 2024 and concludes in May, 2025. Check the website for more details!  

After paying the registration fee the confirmation email will contain a link to complete the registration process. After we receive complete student information, we will send the school handbook and agreement. 

Join Homeschool Connect on Thursdays!

New Life Homeschool Connect is a ministry of New Life Baptist Church; our mission is to provide homeschooling families support and community, both educational and spiritual.  Our main focus will be to praise God in all that we learn and do.  We will offer cooperative assistance and guided activities in several elective subjects as well as all traditional primary school subjects. More information can be found here.

Register your child entering 1st-5th grade for the 2023-2024 Homeschool Connect Group.

We will meet Thursdays throughout the school year (excluding holidays/Christmas & Easter Break)

Monthly fee is $50. Registering more than one child? Each sibling will be given a 10% discount each month.


New Life Baptist Church is a small, community-centered church located in Hillsboro, Oregon. With a warm and welcoming congregation, the church strives to provide a safe and loving environment for individuals and families to come together in worship and fellowship.


Address: 3440 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: +15036484547


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