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Setting the Table to Encounter God

Welcome to our latest blog post, “Setting the Table to Encounter God.” In this exploration, we delve into the profound concept of creating the ideal environment for encountering the divine. Just as a carefully set table invites guests to a feast, our hearts and minds must be intentionally prepared to receive a divine encounter. Drawing inspiration from ancient scripture and timeless wisdom, we’ll embark on a journey to understand the significance of looking back at God’s faithfulness, looking ahead to our calling, looking around to our community, and ultimately, looking up to the heavens for a transformative encounter with the Almighty. Join us as we unravel the layers of spiritual preparation and seek to ignite a deeper connection with the divine presence in our lives.

Listen, we all come from diverse backgrounds and cultures – everything. But we’re all broken by sin and in need of Jesus Christ. And so, we’re filled with love for you, and the fact that you’re here means a lot to us.

And then, of course, if you’d like to learn more about the new life, I just spoke about the August 20th discovery class. We would love for you to be a part of it. Even church members who have been part of this congregation have gone through it. I mean James and Mel went through it, while others took their own path. But for me, it’s Mel – you know the story. It was fun, James, to have you there because it does help you understand my heart’s direction, vision, purpose, and everything.

Also, on this note, if you look on the backside, there are some next steps. We’re starting a new series – drum roll, please. I have a new slide: ‘Community,’ a place where you and I belong.

Thank you very much, Steve. I put him in a tough spot during the 9:30 service, and he graciously handled that for me. Thank you very much. Anyway, what we’re going to discuss is ‘community.’ Over the next five weeks, we’ll delve into the concept of community and its significance. God placed this sermon series on my heart back in March, I believe. First and foremost, we want to challenge ourselves to memorize and reflect on Romans 12:10. I also encourage you to join me in giving thanks to God for the people in this church. Sometimes, we forget the true essence of being a church and a community – that’s something we need to contemplate.

As one part of the body, I am committed to utilizing my gift within the community and the church. Consequently, we’re going to request that you keep praying about discovering your own gift. Every one of us should serve the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new Christian or have been on this journey for a while. Age is irrelevant – what matters is that we all contribute to serving God in our community.

We comprise a fellowship of believers aiming to illuminate the darkness within our community and invite them to join us. Our desire is for them to come and become a part of this unique community, which holds something truly special. We’ll delve deeper into this aspect shortly.

Moreover, perhaps you’ve recently committed your life to Jesus Christ or are reaffirming your dedication to Him, or you’re considering baptism. This is the moment for that. I understand that this space is often reserved for prayer requests, and I value that use. I want to assure you that you can continue to use it for that purpose. Alternatively, during the first point of the sermon, I’ll be asking you to write something right here. We’re aiming for interaction, and I’ll explain further in just a few moments.

Now, let’s open our Bibles to Exodus Chapter 19. We won’t be reading the entire chapter, just certain verses. It’s an incredible story, recounting a powerful encounter with God.

Have you ever experienced a divine encounter in your life? If you’re saved, you’ve undoubtedly encountered God in your journey. Allow me to emphasize this right now – our salvation is intertwined with God’s communication to us. Now, some individuals might be thinking, ‘Wait a minute. Have you audibly heard God’s voice?’ No, I haven’t. I’m not implying that God couldn’t communicate audibly. I’m merely stating that I personally haven’t had that experience. However, have I sensed God’s presence? Have I felt His nearness? Absolutely. During prayer and when I’ve sought after Him, there have been moments when I’ve tangibly felt His presence.

These encounters with God have been significant. There have been instances when I faced deep depression and anxiety. Suddenly, in the midst of praying or even while reading the Psalms – like the ones Steve read at the beginning of this morning’s service – I distinctly recall reading a particular Psalm 20 or 30 times in a single night. Through the Word of God, I experienced the undeniable presence of God watching over me.

The Word of God wields incredible power, and it’s essential for us to anchor ourselves in it. However, allow me to share something with you. Sunday after Sunday, and Bible study after Bible study, we enter a time of seeking God. This is the purpose of our life groups, which I’m thrilled to announce are resuming tomorrow. I’m genuinely enthusiastic about this restart because we took a month off due to the chaotic schedule. I truly missed my life group meetings during this time, and I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming gathering. I sincerely hope and pray that you’re already part of a life group. If not, I encourage you to join one or initiate your own. I personally cherish mine and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have a deep love for studying God’s Word.

Yet, within all these opportunities, how many times do we come unprepared for a divine encounter? How often do we unintentionally shift the focus to ourselves? How frequently do we dwell on what we dislike or prefer?

How often do we allow factors such as a challenging morning, traffic, or a parking incident at Walmart to cloud our worship experience? We sometimes let these issues hinder our connection with God, failing to be prepared for a potential encounter with Him. If we are to live up to the purpose God has designated for our church, it’s imperative that we actively discern His calling for us. This means we must equip ourselves for divine moments. We also need to gain a deeper understanding of how to foster community and express genuine love for one another – a concept reflected in the song we just sang. We must grasp the essence of loving one another in a community setting.

By the way, allow me to emphasize this point – we don’t possess the option to pick and choose whom to love. Are you following me? Okay, let’s clarify. You don’t have the luxury of saying, ‘I’ll only love this side of the church.’ And really, who could blame you? I mean, just look at the wonderful people on this side.

Sitting right there with his wife, Laura, is my best friend. His other best friend, you know. And so, I mean, who could not love you, Mike? Knowing you is synonymous with loving you. And Laura, as well – okay, I’m just stating the obvious. But let me tell you, who could resist loving you? Alright, you catch my drift? You’re just innately lovable and filled with love – all those wonderful qualities. So, yes, sometimes we tend to choose whom we love, but here’s the deal: we’re not granted that choice. We are, in fact, called to love all of God’s people – a love rooted in His own love. This is a concept we need to truly grasp.

Now, listen attentively. I’ve shared this illustration previously, but it’s relevant to the theme of being prepared for a divine encounter. That’s precisely what Sundays are meant for. We must be ready, spiritually attuned, pure in spirit, observant, and upward-looking.

We must not allow busyness to blind us to God’s presence. I’ve shared this illustration in the past, and I wish to share it again. This time, it’s especially meaningful as my son is here, and he can vouch for the accuracy of this story. Alright, amen. Yes, you’re right there with me. My wife, when we’re expecting special guests – not life group, mind you, because what I’m about to describe, Patrick, has nothing to do with life group. You guys in life group just grab a paper towel from the roll and wipe your face, you know. But when I say to her, ‘Honey, we have guests coming over,’ she brings out these plates that rarely see the light of day until that very moment. You probably forgot what they looked like, didn’t you? She has specific silverware that only sees the light of day when we have special guests. She then places out those special glasses. She lays out real cloth napkins, each with its own napkin ring. They effortlessly slide right through. Why, you might ask? Because we have special guests. She designates a guest bathroom that’s off-limits, even using caution tape, banning the entire family from that restroom until our company arrives. She also bans us from the living room. Amen to that. She declares, ‘You’re not having anything to eat until they get here. Not even a snack, because you’ll make a mess. Thank you very much.

Thus, I speak the unvarnished truth. So may it be inscribed, so may it be treasured. And she goes through all of that effort to be prepared for special guests. I believe it’s perfectly acceptable. There’s a reason I don’t mind it, and that’s because we get dessert. Amen to that. When it’s just us, the dessert situation is like, ‘What’s for dessert?’ ‘I don’t know, go rummage around in there, you’ll find something.’ You might end up with cinnamon toast. But when we have guests over, she selects a pie or bakes a cake. Yes, that’s the spirit I’m talking about.

One time, I informed her that I had some family members coming over for dinner and lunch. Boy, she went all out – cleaned the house, restricted bathroom access, did it all. She cooked everything just the way I prefer. But then, they called and said they had to cancel. However, I forgot to relay this information to her. So, when she realized it, she exclaimed, ‘We have nobody coming over!’ I said, ‘Well, you have me, your beloved.’ I cherish these moments. We still enjoyed dessert, and it truly felt like a special occasion. In the end, they didn’t make it over, but we had a wonderful time.

Alright, I share these anecdotes with you because, my friends, we must make every effort to be prepared. Indeed, we must give our best to God. Would you concur that God is deserving of nothing but our best? Amen. We must offer Him our utmost. Therefore, I’d like to set the stage. I want us to revisit a narrative that unfolded approximately 3500 years ago, give or take. This tale constitutes one of the most remarkable instances of divine interaction. It’s a historical juncture when God’s people were newly emancipated from the shackles of tyranny and slavery in Egypt after enduring centuries of suffering. At this point, their ranks had swollen to include over 2 million individuals. Let’s not overlook the magnitude – we’re not discussing a minor group here; rather, a community of 2 million people. And they had now been journeying for about 60 days. Have you ever observed how sometimes we tend to forget the multitude of blessings God has bestowed upon us? We allow these extraordinary deeds to slip our minds. Thus, various events were unfolding.

They were in dire need of a divine encounter. Moses is set to ascend the hill, where he will commune with God, receive a message, and subsequently convey it to the people. This exchange will catalyze a powerful encounter with God. So, within this context, I wish to discuss principles that can guide us in preparing our lives for a divine visitation, drawing from the text in Exodus chapter 19.

The first principle, as presented on the screen, underscores the importance of occasionally reflecting on and remembering God’s unwavering faithfulness. As we embark on this series, I urge you to take moments to look back upon God’s faithfulness. So, what do we find in chapter 19, verse 4? Moses descends and imparts this message to the children of Israel. What is God’s initial message to them? ‘You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.’ Often, the busyness of the world clouds our perception, causing us to overlook the magnitude of God’s deeds in our lives. At times, our focus becomes self-centered – we might dwell on our troubles, our frustrations, and our despondency.

As a church, there are times when our focus can inadvertently shift towards the institution itself, rather than what the church truly represents. Come on, folks, can we all agree on this point? It’s easy for it to devolve into a mere set of tasks, taking on a magnitude larger than its intended purpose. Let me emphasize, if we desire to genuinely engage with God, if we seek authentic encounters with Him, then we must occasionally halt ourselves, turn around, and recall His unwavering faithfulness.

God is reminding His people of their history. He poses questions like, ‘Did I not oversee the fall of the Egyptians? Did I not lead you out of the bonds of slavery? Did I not orchestrate all these events for your benefit?’ I wish to draw your attention to a poignant illustration that God uses with the children of Israel. Perhaps you’re not familiar with this, but when a young eagle is learning to fly, its mother frequently hovers beneath it, extending her wings to provide support and guidance. This imagery conveys the notion of God’s nurturing and protective care.

Did I not carry you? Did I not lead you out of slavery? Friends, I want you to take a moment and reflect on all the things that God has accomplished in your life. Allow me to share that there have been times when He brought healing into our lives. There were moments when He brought solace and comfort. I vividly recall delivering the sermon at my father’s funeral, and I distinctly remember expressing gratitude to God, acknowledging that I couldn’t endure that moment without His strength. Let me tell you, I tangibly felt the presence of God, my friends. I can’t fully articulate that experience, but I can affirm that God was with me. He held me.

As we sang that song, I built upon His foundation, and I knew He was present. As I gaze around this room, I’m certain some of you could recount your own stories. You could likely share a moment when you distinctly sensed God’s presence. We must hold onto His faithfulness, my friends. If we aspire to be ready for a divine encounter, if we wish to be prepared to engage with God, we must remember who He is. We need to recall the day of our salvation, and we need to reflect on the day we were baptized.

Do you recall the day when you surrendered to whatever calling God had in store for your life? When you mustered the courage and took that step forward? Do those moments come to mind? Can you reminisce about times when your faith was resolute, and suddenly God unveiled Himself, prompting you to exclaim, ‘Oh yes, Lord, Your presence – You rescued me.’ Do you have memories of being rescued? I certainly do. And this is exactly what God is conveying. In fact, Jeremiah held God’s faithfulness in such high esteem that he penned these words in Lamentations 3:22-23. It might not be on the screen, but let me share it with you: ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.’

Folks, I’m not content with a stale image of God. I desire Him to be perpetually fresh, vibrant, and new. Likewise, when we gather at church, it shouldn’t be a monotonous routine. We should come with anticipation, wondering, ‘What will God do today?’ That’s the essence of it, isn’t it? ‘What will God unveil today? I long for a divine encounter.’

I have a deep yearning to experience God’s presence. And my friends, such an encounter doesn’t always transpire through preaching. It might not always manifest in a specific song. Sometimes, it emerges when someone at church extends their love to you. Those instances become divine encounters with God – reminding us of the command to love one another as Christ loves us.

Now, here’s what I’d like you to do. Take your connection card. At any point during this message – feel free to do it now – jot down instances where you recall God’s faithfulness. Then, tuck that card into your Bible. Revisit it periodically. Attach it to your refrigerator. You see, there are times when we must pause, just like God was advising the children of Israel. We need to remind ourselves of all the remarkable things God has accomplished for us. This brings me to the first point we can glean from verse – pardon this cough, ladies and gentlemen – verse 4. Now, onto the second point I have for us this morning: Look ahead and rejoice in your future with God. Rest assured, we do have a future. The world might attempt to convince us that we’re confined to a monotonous existence, but that’s far from the truth.

We must recognize that we can’t escape this truth. You all comprehend who God is; He possesses the authority to enact His will. Additionally, we possess a promising future. This is why I have great affection for the lesson Miles shared with us, Jeff, around two years ago. When we embraced that phrase from him, ‘Something’s happening,’ the wisdom of that three-year-old resonated. When things are transpiring, it’s a call to action. Everyone, be alert! Recognize that God is at work; He’s making movements. Witness the transformation of lives, the emergence of individuals stepping forth, and the embrace of new ministry opportunities. Folks, that should stir excitement within us.

I want to emphasize how crucial we are to each other. We need the connection, the unity of gathering. I’d like to specifically address those joining us online. I comprehend the reasons – my own mother tunes in, and I know Fred is also an online viewer. We have individuals who are unwell and homebound, others traveling on vacation – I acknowledge all these circumstances. However, I’d like to challenge those who have grown accustomed to exclusively watching from home. Understand this: we are a community, and our togetherness matters.

I want to convey a message to you – do not overlook the unfolding work of God in this place. If you’re in good health, able, and feeling well, there’s an open invitation. Come on down, my friends, the welcome is warm. We’re dependent on one another. We stand as a united family under the grace of God. Amen, my fellow men. I earnestly extend an invitation – this isn’t about judgment, it’s about recognizing our need for one another. We must unite within the sanctuary of the Lord’s house. Personally, I don’t know about you, but I require your presence. I hold deep affection for all of you. I eagerly anticipate our time together and eagerly await the unfolding of God’s next chapter. Why? Because we look forward with anticipation and celebrate the future ahead.

Shift your attention to verses 5 and 6. Permit me to share these verses from the New Living Translation, revealing God’s words. He declares, ‘Now if you will obey me and keep my covenant, you will be my own special treasure from among all the peoples on Earth; for all the Earth belongs to me. And you will be my kingdom of priests, my holy nation.’ My friends, I’ve never truly considered myself to be extraordinary. I might excel in certain areas, Donald, but I don’t possess greatness in any particular field.

You know what I’m trying to convey, right? Consider this – I always held a secret wish to sprint in the 100-yard dash, but alas, my physical attributes wouldn’t allow it. Why, you ask? Take a look at me. Okay, just pause and ponder the image conjured in your mind. I am not – and Ryan, you can vouch for this – I am certainly no sprinter. It’s simply not within my realm of possibilities.

Another aspiration of mine was to be the first chosen on a basketball team. Yet, when I reflect on my appearance, I realize that it’s unlikely anyone would have selected me first. Sure, I possess a decent shot, but vertical leaps are not in my repertoire. Yes, let’s avoid discussing that matter. Thank you for the commentary, by the way. Moving on, I couldn’t quite achieve that dream. But do you know what I did excel at? Red Rover, Red Rover. That’s right – I’m built like a solid, robust tank. I could participate in Red Rover, and it felt invigorating when they’d announce, ‘Today at recess, we’re playing Red Rover.’ I recognize that it’s no longer a favored game, but in the past, we had dodgeball and merry-go-rounds that spun you in circles. Anyway, I digress – back to Red Rover. I remember the lineup of captains, and I never got the chance to captain a team. They’d declare, ‘Alright, your first pick is Kevin.’ Honestly, I didn’t ponder why they chose me, I just reveled in the fact that my name was called. I mean, come on.

Isn’t it a remarkable feeling when you’re chosen? Can you fathom the significance of what God just communicated to those individuals who were traversing the wilderness – a mere 60 days prior, they were enslaved, and now they were nomads in the desolation. And yet, what does He convey? You hold a special place. That’s truly astounding. Because, Barbara, I am fractured. I bear imperfections. I grapple with my shortcomings, and yet, despite it all, His love for me is unwavering. He still opts to select me, to summon me by name. Isn’t that truly astonishing? The same applies to you, my friend. He has chosen you as well. Friends, this reality transforms us into a community of believers, united by our brokenness, our frailty, and the presence of sin in our lives. Yet, this unites us as a community where no one can point to another and assert superiority. We all share the need for a Savior, and His name is Jesus.

Sundays take on a special meaning, don’t they? Oh, the memory of being chosen by Deedner floods back. Oh, I recall the joy when she finally selected me. It’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s right.’ She chose me. Do you know why she picked me? To be honest, I haven’t the faintest clue. All I know is that it brought me immense happiness. You know what I mean?

The crux of the matter, my friends, is this – God has chosen us. He declares, ‘You are my special treasure,’ right here. Now, let’s delve into the truth. I want you to grasp the concept of ‘them’ and ‘us.’ In the eyes of our Lord, we are treasured possessions. Consequently, we must set the stage, ensuring we’re prepared for God. We must come to understand our identity – a cherished possession, a chosen priesthood. Let’s turn our attention to 1 Peter 2:9, as per the NIV translation. Observe this: ‘But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.’ Remarkable, isn’t it? Now, what are the three roles of a priest? Let’s explore.

Firstly, realize that as priests, we operate under the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers. This signifies that God can communicate with you just as effectively as He can with me. You don’t require me to serve as an intermediary. Isn’t that truly awe-inspiring, my friends? This concept allows you to access the presence of God independently. You don’t need a Moses or a Kevin White.

I’m simply here to guide us to the mountain’s edge, inviting us to raise our eyes and fixate upon Jesus Christ. Isn’t that awe-inspiring? You are special, and I stand no higher in this regard than you, my friends. We all share a common need for this God. Secondly, not only do you possess unmediated access, but you also serve as God’s emissary to others. Do you comprehend the significance? You have been selected; you have been chosen to radiate as a beacon, illuminating the glory of Jesus Christ to those around you. He has singled you out. He has summoned you. He extends His call, saying, ‘I choose you.’ Remember, you didn’t choose Him – He chose you. Ben, there’s no need to question His reasoning or furrow your brow, pondering why. The answer lies beyond that realm. Do you know why He chose you? It’s a reflection of His boundless love for you, demonstrated through His sacrifice on your behalf. He has called you, my friends. The magnitude of this is truly astounding.

Lastly, we are beckoned to a life of devotion to God. Within the framework of this story, as it delves into the concept of priesthood, it doesn’t concern itself with occupational pursuits. Rather, it centers on adhering to a communal standard, much like Ephesians emphasizes, ‘Walk worthy of the calling.’ Friends, don’t evade your calling; run towards it. Discover what God has appointed you for. If it involves children’s ministry, embrace it with enthusiasm. If it’s any other role, approach it with equal vigor. Embrace your calling, and remember, it’s a summons worth pursuing.

If that involves manning the donut counter, run towards it; if it entails being a greeter, handling cameras, or gracing the stage, whatever avenue God’s calling beckons you down, embrace it fervently. We’re all recipients of a calling, and it carries a unique significance. It’s high time we abandoned the notion that it’s a burden or an ordeal. Instead, we must celebrate the fact that God has summoned us. Do you grasp this truth? He could have extended His call to anyone. Can you fathom why my enthusiasm is so palpable, John? You’ve mentioned my zeal, but I’m acutely aware of my shortcomings and the fractures in my past. Yet, despite my imperfections, God has chosen me to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This isn’t something I take lightly. I hold it dear because it’s a divine summons. Now, I ask you, what is God prompting you to do?

For the third point, let’s pivot. Not only should we reflect on His faithfulness in the past, not only should we gaze towards our distinctive calling, but we also need to survey our surroundings and commit ourselves to the community.

God issues a challenge to Israel, urging them to wholeheartedly obey Him and ardently follow His commands. Let’s focus on verse eight of this chapter. As you peruse the scripture, if you have the habit of circling or underlining key passages like I do, I encourage you to do the same with the word ‘together.’ It’s a pivotal term, and it’s where many churches are encountering a shortfall. Friends, I’m emphasizing the importance of collectively experiencing God. While I’ve personally undergone individual encounters, we must remember that we constitute a unified assembly of believers. Our pursuit of encountering God is a communal endeavor, and we must undertake it as a cohesive unit. This involves all of us, without distinction. We’re interdependent; we require one another’s presence and support. This pertains to those engaging through online platforms and those who are physically present. We need every participant. We can’t afford to neglect those who are struggling; we ought to extend our compassion to them. Understand, my friends, we are interwoven and interdependent, and this journey of encountering God is one we embark upon collectively this morning.

I want to convey to you that we encompass more than merely a group of separate individuals who convene for worship simultaneously on a designated day. We are an assembly singled out by God Himself. This realization should evoke a sense of contentment. You might have assumed your presence was solely for the purpose of enjoying Steve’s praise or hearing me preach. However, our congregation is essentially a family of believers, brought together to encounter the transformative presence of Jesus Christ. In addition, we should focus our attention inward, cultivating our own spiritual growth. Let’s turn our attention to verses 9 through 11. Observe what is advised for them to undertake. The Lord communicated to Moses, saying, “I am going to come to you in a dense cloud, so that the people will hear when I speak with you and always believe you.” Moses relayed the people’s sentiments to the Lord, and in response, the Lord instructed Moses to approach the people and sanctify them. This involved them preparing themselves by cleansing their attire and making themselves spiritually ready.

Gather the utensils, retrieve the little earring for the napkin, and ensure your preparations are in place by the third day, for it is on the third day that the Lord will descend upon Mount Sinai, in the full view of all the people. Astounding, isn’t it? He’s instructing them to get ready within three days. We too must get ready, united as a community. And how do we achieve that? There are several steps we must take. First and foremost, we should set aside dedicated time. It’s imperative to immerse ourselves in God’s word. We need to introspect and identify the sins we need to confess. Diligent prayer is another vital aspect. Let’s reflect for a moment – how much time do we truly allocate to prayer or engage in fasting and praying? I challenge you to contemplate this over the upcoming days. Approach God with the desire to pray for various matters, including our ministries. Pledge to fast and pray earnestly. We ought to be resolute in our intention to encounter God. We aspire to witness transformations within the children in our community and the individuals within our congregation. It’s not by our efforts alone, but by the transformative power of Jesus Christ. As we conclude, let’s consider the final action required to encounter God.

We must lift our gaze and make ourselves ready for a divine encounter with God. You know, Michael, there are times when I find myself engrossed in the distractions of the world, looking around and looking down. It’s in those moments that I believe we need to pause and redirect our focus to the heavens. We need to say, “Okay, God, my heart is in the right place. I’m prepared and willing for whatever you require.” In the story, Moses led the people out of the camp. While I won’t delve into the details, you can find them in verses 16 to 17. In essence, Moses guides them to the base of Mount Sinai, and as they stand there, they gaze upward, witnessing the awe-inspiring movement of God. That’s precisely what we long for. It’s not merely about experiencing church – don’t get me wrong, I cherish you all – but isn’t this what our world is in dire need of? We need to witness the tangible movement of God. We yearn to see lives transformed, and to achieve that, we must prepare ourselves and set the stage for God to work His wonders.

We must redirect our focus from ourselves to the greater purpose of the kingdom. This morning, I won’t be conducting a conventional invitation. Instead, I feel compelled to do something different, something that unites us. I have a strong conviction that we should come together and kneel at the altar of God, dedicating time to prayer. Let’s pray for God’s intentions and plans. If you’re willing, you can join me and others up here, side by side, praying for our church, our lives, and perhaps an area in your life that needs attention before God. I remember looking out once and noticing a teenager who remained in their seat, kneeling in prayer right there. It struck me that this could be what you need to do as well. I’m not claiming divine knowledge; I just understand what I must do. Have you ever felt that way? There’s a knowing of what you need to do. He’s deserving of our reverence. He’s worthy of our adoration. So, come. Let’s worship the King in unity. Together, let’s prepare the ground for God to manifest His work in the weeks to come.


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