New Life Baptist Church

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Growth Groups are a way to develop even closer friendships and enjoy deeper Bible Study in a smaller group that generally consists of anywhere from 6 to 10 people. Most Growth Groups meet in homes during the week; however, groups can meet anywhere from office buildings to coffee shops. Growth Groups typically form out of a Life Group and so most members of a Growth Group are from the same Life Group giving them a chance to connect with each other at least a couple times a week. Even if you aren't currently involved in a Life Group you can still join a growth group!

Practically speaking, there will never be a way for the staff to personally minister to everyone who attends our church. That's why we place such a high premium on the Life Groups and Growth Groups. It's how we minister effectively at New Life Baptist Church.

Why should I join a Growth Group?

Growth Groups provide deeper Christian nourishment in a smaller group setting. If you are looking to connect on a deeper level with God and other people, then Growth Groups are for you.